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Surviving Family Photos

Tips and tricks to make sure you are prepared as can be for your next family photo session!

Do the words family pictures make your skin crawl? Do you literally want to crawl in a hole and hide when it's time to get your annual family pictures? You have the perfect outfits picked out and you desperately want just ONE picture of everyone looking, but you realize your kids are savages and your husband hates being in front of the camera...

We understand how stressful family pictures can be, especially when you have kiddos involved who don't exactly cooperate. As moms ourselves, we too have families that require lots of bribery to get in front of the camera.

Our role as your photographers is to guide you through the process so that it isn't so daunting. To ease your anxieties, we wanted to offer some of our tips and tricks that will leave you stunned at the amount of great shots we capture, despite the moans and groans from your husband and kiddos.

1. Go In With An Open Mind

We like to use the phrase "expect the worst and hope for the best." There is nothing worse than going into your photo session thinking you're going to get tons of picture perfect, Instagram worthy moments. The kids are going to smile so sweetly, no one is going to argue, and little sister is not going to burst into tears. It's all going to be PERFECT! Wrong...we are here to tell you it most likely will not be perfect, and that's ok! It's okay to have meltdowns and tears, these make memories, too! If you go in with the mindset that it could be absolutely amazing but there could also be some hiccups throughout, then the pressure is removed and you can just let the session be what it is.

2. Bring Reinforcements

You know your kids better than anyone! You know what motivates them whether that's a specific activity, a special toy or stuffy or maybe it's iPad time in the car on the way home. Whatever it may be, we encourage you to bring reinforcements! We will do anything and everything to get your kiddos to smile, but sometimes crazy ladies behind a camera just don't do it for them! Bring the m&ms, bring the stuffed animals. We promise it will make for much happier kids! And if they happen to get something on their clothes...we can edit that out!

3. Choose Appropriate Outfits

This is such an important step in making sure your family pictures go as smoothly as possible! We are total advocates for comfort! We want you to look and feel your best, but we also don't want you to have to worry about slipping a little peek of anything when you bend over to pick up your little ones! AND we want your littles to feel free and comfortable in the outfits you choose for them! If little Tommy thinks the shirt he has to wear is itchy, the chances of the pictures being a good experience for him is slim. He's going to whine and complain and most likely give a forced, fake smile if any smile at all! Pick the outfits that make you all feel good! Look good, feel good!

4. Act Natural

We always listen to our clients say "I never know what to do in front of the camera" or "I always look so awkward!" We are here to tell you although you may feel that way, it's rarely the case with how the pictures look! If you go into your family photos and act natural, we promise the results will be what you want! What do we mean by "act natural?" We mean have fun and be you! Don't force poses that don't feel okay. Don't make your child hug Great Aunt Sue if they only see her one time a year. Don't wear fake eye lashes just because you heard they look pretty in pictures. Do what makes you feel good! Laugh, interact with your kids, pick them up, swing them around, move around! These candid moments make for much better pictures than any "posed" pictures will! We promise!


This piggy backs off of the idea of acting natural, but just HAVE FUN! Don't let minor things stress you out. If little Tommy's bow tie is a hair crooked, it's ok! If little Lisa decides to cry for half of the pictures, that's okay too! Just have fun with the experience and laugh all of the minor set backs off! Besides, the ones of the kiddos crying make for great memories, too!

We hope these tips and tricks put you more at ease for your family photos! Just remember to have an open mind, bring reinforcements, dress appropriately, act natural and HAVE FUN! We promise these simple tricks will help to take some of the stress away so you can enjoy your family photo experience!


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Kelsey and MK

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