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How to Style Your Family Session

Oh crap! You just booked a family session with your photographer and now you have to dress the entire family...including your husband. What did you just get yourself into!?

First things first- don't stress. Family pictures are about capturing a season in time!

Everything does not need to be perfect, someone is going to cry, and it never fails that one child will have a visible bruise somewhere. That is the fun of it!

Where to start? We recommend sticking with neutrals as much as possible. Not only do these photograph well (bonus!) but neutrals will always have a timeless look.

We also recommend avoiding heavy patterns, if you choose to do a pattern we recommend putting ONE family member in that pattern and then building the rest of the family's outfits with complimenting colors from there.

Mixing textures and shades can really help create some dimension in your photos as well. Layers also help to bring a great dimension to your images.

Keep in mind the season you are in. Spring/summer are better for lighter colors while winter/fall you can get away with darker more rich colors.

Above all pick outfits you feel comfortable and confident in! The same goes for the kiddos- ditch the scratchy uncomfortable dress clothes and pick an outfit they (yes, THEY) love. We promise this will make your life so much easier the day of! Be sure to try things on ahead of time just in case.

When the day of comes, remember to relax and have FUN!

We want your family photos to be something you look back and treasure for years to come.
Let the stress melt away and we will handle the rest!

See you next week to talk about more things photo related!
Kelsey and MK

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