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Take me Out to The Ball Game | First Birthday Style!

When you have an all-star mom, there's no other choice than to celebrate your first birthday on the ball field!

Everyone meet Santino, also known as "Tino!"

We have been following Santino since he was just a little babe in mama's belly. From maternity photos, to newborn, to his six month photos and now his first birthday milestone, he is a true testament as to how fast time goes! It is so rewarding to follow our clients as their families and little ones grow, and we certainly enjoyed every minute spent thus far with sweet Tino!

Let's talk details!

Santino's mom, Beth, came super prepared for his birthday session! We always ask clients if they have decor they would like to use, or if they need help planning the theme for first birthday milestone. Beth, was PREPARED - and we were here. for. it! Of course we love planning along with our clients and providing all of the fun details, but when clients bring us a vision, we have a blast bringing it all to life behind the camera! Beth had mentioned she'd be bringing balls, bats and gloves, but when she showed up with the old Pepsi crate, cracker jacks and sunflower seeds, we knew this session was going to be amazing! We helped to stage all of the props so all we had to do was add in sweet Tino! Side note....these gloves were Beth's old softball gloves from when she was younger! HOW NOSTALGIC! That took these photos to the next level of sentimental!

Now it was time for some fun!

Tino was moving and grooving for the entire session, and we would not have had it any other way! We explored with him from the dug out, to home plate, to the pitchers mound and beyond! He was all over the field and having the time of his life! Can you imagine how BIG that field looked to his tiny little self? He had a lot to explore and he was not waisting any time! We always tell our clients, let the little ones do their thing. Let them take charge and we will handle the rest! And let us tell you, it makes for the best photos. Ones that are raw, pure, candid, and true to who your babies are. Let them be who THEY are! Beth definitely understood the assignment! She was running all over the field with Tino, interacting with him and letting him have the time of his life! It's safe to say we all got our workout in that day! Once Tino had his chance to explore, it was time for cake!

Let's get messy!

The cake smash portion of first birthday sessions always brings some of our favorite moments! It's a 50/50 shot whether or not the kiddos will enjoy the cake. Tino was definitely on the fence. I mean, we can't blame him! Having your hands covered in a sticky, cakey mess isn't exactly ideal! But he was a great "team player" and did his part to enjoy a little cake! A big shout out to Suzy's Simply Delicious in Mount Pleasant for making this cake for Beth! It was absolutely adorable and the icing on the cake for his cake smash photos!

Sweet Tino definitely "hit the ball out of the park" with his first birthday milestone session! We certainly had a blast running the field with him! We are excited to see what is to come for Tino and his family and are eager to capture many more memories for their family!


Until next time!


Kelsey and MK

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