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Why an In-Home Newborn Session is Right For You

Are you wondering if you should have your newborn session in the comforts of your home or at a photography studio?

When it comes to deciding which newborn package to choose for your family, you may question whether you want it in your home or at a photography studio. We know the decision can be a tough one and perhaps one you do not want to make while growing a human! We decided to lay out 5 reasons why having your newborn session in-home may be a good fit for you!

Why might an in-home session be best for you?

#1: You get to stay home

Your photographer will bring all of the things right to your home | baskets for posing, a swaddle selection and their expertise to guide you through the process. You do not have to worry about your little one running around a studio or shying away because of the new environment. You all are in the comforts of your own home!

#2: You have a toddler

We all know that toddlers can be shy in places that are unfamiliar to them, such as a photography studio. In this instance, in-home sessions are wonderful. The photographer is coming into your child's home where they are already comfortable. This gives the photographer a chance to connect with your child before the pictures begin. Perhaps your kiddo wants to show us their favorite toys, their bedroom or something as small as where they sit to have breakfast. We as photographers let your kiddos take the lead to show us around in a place they are already comfortable! This establishes a relationship before we begin your session!

#3: You have a toddler (yes, we know we already mentioned this one!)

We all know that toddlers and young kiddos have very short attention spans. This is even more true when they are asked to do something they may not want to do, such as getting their picture taken! In this situation, an in-home session may be better. Once your child is done getting their pictures with baby, they can run back to their rooms to play! Or, if they're struggling to sit still for one picture, we can use play as a reinforcer. "Sit for one more picture and then you can go play!"

#4: Your home means a lot to you

Of course everyone's home means a lot to them, but maybe yours is just a little more special for you. Perhaps it's a home you built that you're very proud of! Maybe it's a family heirloom or grandpa's old farmhouse. Or maybe you just worked really hard on baby's nursery and you want that incorporated into your pictures. Whatever the case may be, your home is a sacred place that you might want to document in your pictures! If this resonates with you, then bring that photographer to your home!

#5: You want a more natural look

Although our studio is set up for a lifestyle look, not all studios may look that way! If you're wanting the sweet moments with your entire family cuddled up on your bed. Or maybe you want a photo of your family sitting in front of the baby's crib! Perhaps your family room is where you spend a lot of time and you want to capture a shot of everyone on the couch together. OR maybe you have a furry friend who is a huge part of your family that you would like to incorporate. Whichever the case, if these points resonate with you, then an in-home session is your calling!

We hope this helps you make your decision when planning a newborn session!



Kelsey and MK

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