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Let's Start a Blog- why not?

This project has been on our minds for some time now, so we guess there is no better time to start than now!

We have SO much to share with you.

Hey there! We are so glad you are here. The two of us have been wanting to get a blog going for FOREVER. Our business has grown and experienced so much these past few years that we wanted a place to share more of our work and experiences with you all. Expect to be seeing blogs that feature more details and images from our wedding days, special projects we have in mind, tips and tricks for getting ready for a photo shoot, and SO much more. AND if you have any ideas you want to hear about- send them our way!

Let's start by sharing some fun facts about us! As most of you know we are a best friend and business partner team. We met thanks to our husbands who were college roommates and they have been regretting it ever since 😂


Kelsey is the organized one of the two of us. She is the keeper of all passwords and the one with the color coded planner.

She loves spending time with her family on their farm, she is an expert chicken wrangler, sourdough enthusiast, and the best mama to her two little ones!

Kelsey is our newborn whisperer and she loves getting detail shots at weddings.


MK is the one with the crazy ideas. Her apps are a mess and she uses a digital calendar only.

She also loves spending time with her family, every dog she ever meets, gardening even though she might not be the best at it, and reading!

MK thrives with couples posing and loves a good cake smash.

We truly feel like we compliment each other so well and that we each have what the other person is missing. Its a pleasure to run this business together!

And if you're wondering if we ever fight. The answer is, never!

Welp, that's enough about us for today. Stay tuned for our next blog post featuring one of our wedding days!

MK and Kelsey

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